Upon enquiry, we provide an outline of the procedure that best suits the project, together with either a quotation or approximate fee.

New Ground Design

New Ground Design

Our Services

  • Design consultation
  • Site consultation and measure
  • Site levels and feature surveys
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Planning drawings (required where council overlays exist)
  • Working drawings (building plans)
  • Co-ordination of arborists, land surveyors, bushfire assessors
  • Co-ordination of geotechnical, civil and structural engineers
  • Thermal performance assessments (energy ratings)
  • Liason and consultation with local council
  • Rendered images and Animations

Having worked and developed 3d presentations for many years, perhaps the highlight of this technology is the introduction of virtual reality. Here our clients can walk through the home or extension to be built, and experience the scale and finishes and otherwise unforeseen characteristics. See our video

While our 3d walkthroughs can be enjoyable, they are also a fantastic asset in defining the finished product of the build. Items are often identified prior to structural documentation and construction, resulting in design and building cost savings.